Are you the owner of a coworking space looking to increase membership but lacking on physical space? Are you a desk renter who can’t quite cover that monthly cost? Perhaps there is a solution for both of these groups – as well as for a third group – the Moonlighter. The coworking space Grind, with two locations in New York and one in Chicago,  recently began offering a Moonlighter membership. Available for just evening hours and at a fraction of the typical membership cost, this type of pass offers a space option for those starting a business in their spare time, after normal business hours. We think this is not only a brilliant strategy for space owners but also could offer a great alternative to those daytime dedicated desk users looking to share in costs. While many employers have policies against moonlighting – especially for those in creative industries – we are finding that more and more employers these days respect the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s moonlighter. Assuming that cutting out of work early in order to take care of one’s own personal clients isn’t your style, we think moonlighting can often lead to great new ventures and can help feed the future economies we are all looking to see emerge. So, think about it. Maybe it’s time an evening-only pass became one of your membership offerings. After all, the more members the merrier – and the better networking for all.

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