In the land of technology, start ups, sail boats, and high-priced real estate, it’s time to celebrate San Francisco Coworking Week. We wanted to make sure to highlight this great opportunity not only for those living in the Bay Area but also for those in need of some high-quality networking. With a full line up of events, starting Saturday August 2nd and running through Friday August 8th, this might provide just the excuse for that San Fran visit that’s been on your mind! You can check out their event lineup here, on the event Facebook page, or sign up here on their Eventbrite page.  With events on topics ranging from UX to pitching, the week long event wraps up with an all day Coworking Unconference on Friday, August 8th with a great lineup of speakers and panels for brainstorming the past, present, and future of coworking. Make sure to also look for peripheral events like this Meetup on Friday, August 8th on the Sharing Economy. There are sure to be lots of additional offerings out there to especially make your trip worthwhile. So get your flight booked now and climb those hills of SF Bay in a couple of weeks. Great education, great networking, and beautiful scenery are awaiting!

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