Everyone loves a story, especially on a personal level. Not least of all – hiring managers. Creating a narrative to your application is a method of personal branding, which can be exceptionally important to leaving an impression on the person who reads your resume. A great Spanish chess player once said that you should spend more of your time looking at your opponent’s pieces than your own; they are what really matters, as they represent the true threat to your king. This sage advice works for constructing your application, too. Think seriously about what the hiring manager for your prospective job is looking for, and what will get you an interview. So, ask yourself whether your resume and cover letter are painting a strong narrative, giving your potential interviewer a clear sense of what you bring to the table. Believe it or not, this process can be quite enjoyable and creative! For example, think about how remarkable it is that a company like Red Bull can transform a saccharine, uncomfortably bubbly, excessively caffeinated beverage into a symbol of adrenaline and adventure. Essentially, you are doing the same, though likely your job is easier: rather than working with glucuronolactone and caffeine, your ingredients are a lifetime of experience. Good luck! Post by: David Manning

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