Inc. Magazine published an article this week written by HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan. The first line that jumped out to me follows: “Customers are 82 percent more likely to trust a company whose chief executive and other leaders engage on social media, according to a study last year from Web design firm GO-Gulf.”  For many, the idea of having a CEO who actually engages in the social media sphere seems just plain impossible. Often a title held by the generation of yesteryear, as we shift into the next generational shift of the business sector – with Gen Y & Gen X’ers now sometimes holding that top spot, and with Gen X, Y’ers and Millenials now holding the major reigns of consumption – we are beginning to see it more and more. Check out this ranking of the most active CEO’s on social media published by Steve Tappin on LinkedIn this past Fall, and you’ll appearances by major brand names such as Virgin Airlines, Yahoo, Tesla, eBay, Square, and Apple – all well-trusted, and well-invested in today. As many of us sit in this entrepreneurial “CEO” chair today, and as the start-up community continues to grow into a major economic engine, the definition of a ‘tweeting CEO’ doesn’t have to mean the multi-million-dollar-earning, suit-wearing, jet-setting type is the only one that has to get on board. Should this article, and this list of leaders in the space, perhaps serve as a reminder for the rest of us – the little guys – that starting now might be the best time to begin building a name for your company in the social media space? Perhaps this little read might remind you to get in the game. Or if you’re already in the game, engage more. Be provocative. Surprise people. Craft original ideas worth spreading. You never know when you’re social media persona might give you just the lift you need to take your business to the next level. Based on this story, perhaps you might be reminded that a social media presence starts at the top. Don’t relegate it to that Summer intern. Own it yourself starting today, and grow that trustworthy organization that is demanded in the marketplace today.

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