William Park

Ad Dawg Creative......Unleash
I create everything from logos, brochures, and ads to websites, packaging, invitations and menus. When I say create I mean I concept, I design, and I write all my work. I do more than that though. I create branding and design you love. Why so confident? Well, good enough isn’t in my book. I want rest until you feel inclined to give me a high five for my work. Don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging even if it is just a virtual props. So I have attached a few of my websites, logos and ads too. They seem to be the most common thing people want me to design. Plenty of other branding materials are on my interactive portfolio http://addawg.com/web_brochure/ too. I know not exactly conservative branding stuff from me, but work that moves you emotionally and is thought out, targeted, effective and you want forget it after reading this post. Not like there is a shortage of “ME TOO” design out there anyway. You need a way to standout. Trust me you will not blend in if I create your project. Just look at my company website for proof of that http://www.addawg.com. Along the way of building brands for all kinds of companies I have picked up quite a few references. If you think I am a good fit after seeing my work I will gladly pass some on too. My business is a one man branding/ design agency I started over 15 years ago that is still in business today. I have got to be doing something right, and being responsive to my clients is a big part of that. So don’t hesitate to give me and talk (650 679-9994) about your project. Chatting is never billed at an hourly rate. Just ask for Billy. I doubt the dog under my desk will pick up the phone, but you never know. Education:  BA Loyola University; Graduate Studies Academy of Art San Francisco

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