Playworking is a new coworking and coliving retreat for this emerging generation of mobile workers who can chose where to work, live and play. Built with sustainable building materials whenever possible, the accommodations are simple and comfortable reflecting old alpine sensibilities. Meals are wholesome, nutritious and vegetarian. Beyond coworking and coliving, we offer a daily cofitness activity based on an outdoor adventure sport, and on weekends we offer unique sports tours for those ready to explore Montenegro’s wild nature. Playworking is well located in Europe. Montenegro is a stunning, affable, home away from home, easily reached from urban hubs like London, Barcelona and Frankfurt.We’ve made Playworking as affordable as possible to encourage longer stays. Our proposition includes coworking, coliving, cofitness and three delicious meals a day, all for just €299 per week double and €399 for single occupancy.

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