CTO Developer Partner

Cowork Unite
Can Trade For:

Equity, living accommodation, and a coworking space

Total Estimated Hours: 500
Cowork Unite is an authentic and trusted global live/work exchange platform that provides coworking and lodging to digital nomads worldwide.  We are facing rapid growth and need a technology partner.  This position is not for salary and only for equity so it has a high potential for return if you work hard.

  We are looking for a Web and Mobile Developer to help grow and improve our website and lead efforts with building our mobile app. Must have experience with blockchain technology, database management, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, mobile app development including iOS and android, security, hosting and knowledge of integrating APIs.


  • Manage the backend development of the website
  • Lead efforts with building the app
  We are looking for a dedicated, hard-working, and a trusted partner that is seeking an alternative to the standard tech company but wants to be apart of something bigger, bolder and more unique in exchange for equity or profit sharing.  

  • Total freedom in terms of live / work balance
  • Profit sharing or equity
  • Lodging / living accommodation
  • Coworking space
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Access to our partnership discounts such as healthcare, airfare, transportation software, etc.