The Job Hunt

A informative graphic accompanied by a short article detailing the nature of today's typical job hunt, providing insight into landing a job.
This tremendous graphic gives solid insight into how the nature of work, and finding a job, has changed. I, for one, now feel very much in good company to know almost 70% percent of people search for new work opportunities as part of their routine (does anyone else think that this is utterly insane). Freelance, short-term contract, and part-time gigs may be the order of the modern job market. Long-term employment may have been part of the culture of the baby boomers. With technology advancing at a ridiculous rate, the work landscape is constantly shifting. This favors the worker who is adaptable and willing to relocate for a different position. These employment trends may suggest a change in the cultural framework of work. I am stunned that the average time a baby boomer stays at a job is almost four times the time a millennial spends with a company. The information age is making it significantly easier to look for new jobs. Now you can go online, find a job posting in LA, and imagine yourself just packing up and moving. Interconnectedness is allowing us to imagine and actualize ambitious changes in our work lives. Advertising may also be a motivator for this change in culture. There is an absurd number of advertisements (banner ads, pop ups, etc) enticing users into a bigger, better, more flexible and engaging job or educational opportunity. This sounds a little old school, but millenials (for disclosure, I am smack dab in the heart of this category) might just have trouble settling down. Maybe chronic short-term employment is our fault; maybe we live in a culture that needs perpetual change, always looking to the horizon. Or maybe we are in the dead center of a really bad recession. Time will tell. Source Post by: David Manning

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