A good article on the power of defining your objectives and avoiding typing feverishly on a whirling hamster wheel. It is a good reminder, for those working in the muddy blog trenches, that:
  • The point of blogging is not to get 100 comments on every post
  • The point of blogging is not to get a huge amount of email subscribers
  • The point of blogging is not to get flooded with traffic from Google
So, unless the goal of your blog is to get brute readership, these statistics mean very little. It is critical to target the right audience; people who will not just read your blog, but who will engage with what you are writing about, and maybe be a potential client. If you hope to get revenue from you work, target people who will pay you to leverage your specialty, whether it is writing, graphic design, software development. Although you can throw together an amazing dinner with an impromptu melange of food, it is often a lot easier and more straight-forward to think of a dish you want to make, crack open your Mark Bitman cookbook, and work from a recipe. Whew, that was a lot of metaphors in one post!   Post by: David Manning

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