How is it that a co-working space, which is perceivably self-operated, should handle major holidays? For many co-working spaces here in the Denver area, operating on “low fumes” for major national holidays, like this week’s Independence Day holiday, seems to be the solution. For those of us living in the world of self-employment, these holidays are a little bitter sweet. While we love them, enjoy the time with our family and friends, and the opportunity to celebrate, these days serve as those small reminders of the difficulty of the choice we have made to be self-employed. That said, some must still work! Whether clients live and work overseas, where Independence Day is the least of their concerns, or simply we work in a business that requires time to execute, time unbounded by interaction with others or the limitations of 9-5 collegial access – there are some who will still work this Friday. For those few who will be working, co-working space owners are left to make a choice about the level of the service provision. As a result, this Friday, for many, no coffee will be made, no receptionists will be available, and no empty toilet paper rolls will be replaced. They will be on their own. But like the many night owl workers amongst us, they will survive. Survive on fumes, perhaps, but survive they will. So be nice to your co-working neighbor this week. Especially because of the luminous unpaid holiday creeping up upon us on the horizon. To those celebrating, make sure the quality of the BBQ offerings are worth it, and maybe even free….

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