A recent article in the Denver Post prompted the re-surfacing of a long lost phrase, “go west, young man.” But, this time, the phrase is in reference to what we consider the modern day definitions of opportunity. Instead of more land or more natural resources – like the great westward expansion of more than a Century ago – today’s migration path is fueled by the desires of career opportunity, cost of living affordability, and even the oft-unspoken opportunity for romance (shhhhh). RENT A series of recent studies seem to have aligned to show a quite prime collection of reasons for today’s young college grads to plant their roots in the great City of Denver. Each pointing to different reasons, we thought this alignment would also paint a compelling picture for the recent college grad looking to begin an entrepreneurial adventure here as well. The city’s relatively affordable rents were cited by this Apartments.com study, averaging $1,248 for a one bedroom, as reason for this move. Other factors such as the singles scene, cost of living affordability, and regional salary data also influenced their placement of Denver at the top of the list of “Best Cities for Recent College Grads.” The cost of rent, wether salaried or entrepreneurial in your work choices, clearly affects us all. FULL TIME “FALL BACK” OPPORTUNITIES Through lens of our entrepreneurial hat, we also see this ranking of “Where the Jobs Are” as an important factor for success as well. After all, when launching any entrepreneurial venture, there is no doubt that the availability of “fall back” options makes for an important geographical consideration. Denver Post_2SUCCESS + A TOUCH OF ROMANCE In a report from this February, Facebook ranked it’s Top 50 Cities for Singles based on relationship creation stats from the site and, not only did Denver make the list at #16, but neighboring Colorado Springs took the top spot at #1. These stats prompt some great possibilities for those multi-tasking entrepreneurs or freelancers among us who are often the MOST guilty about not making time for personal connections outside of professional endeavors. With ‘single’ percentages as high as 37% in Denver and 48% in the Springs, the opportunity to connect is simply more likely. BUT CAN WE KEEP ‘EM? While those rental figures fair positively for the young entrepreneur considering Denver, a recent report from national real estate listings portal, Realtor.com, showed some rough figures for the young person looking to make that first step into geographic permanence – home ownership. Denver took the top spot in March of this year as the fastest moving real estate market in the country, with an average listing time of just 25 days per home, and one of the top 10 spots for its price increases (20.1% higher on average than this time last year). This definitely indicates that the greater challenge for the region might be KEEPING those young college grads. Clearly, with all these studies coinciding, the picture is a bright one for the young graduate looking to test the waters of freelancing or entrepreneurship. All those factors, paired with the numerous co-working spaces, seed founders, and mentors across the Central Colorado marketplace, certainly make the locale a prime one for considering an initial launch. Post by: Nicole Marshall

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