First Human Settlement On Mars Planned For 2027

The first human settlement on Mars is currently planned for 2027. Here's a peek into the details of the settlement.
A Dutch company, Mars One, plans creating the first human settlement on Mars by 2027. The company plans on funding this mission through broadcasting rights. Entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp and Scientist Arno Wielder, the founders of Mars One, plans on broadcasting a reality television series documenting the process of setting up the launch to the selection of the astronauts. Lansdorp believes the hype surrounding the Mars landing will be as big if not bigger than when the United States first landed on the moon. “As with the Apollo Moon landings, a human mission to Mars will inspire generations to believe that all things are possible, that anything can be achieved,” Lansdorp said. Having secured enough corporate sponsors, Mars One has the second phase of this project. Now they are looking into manufacturing and supplies for the mission. For the full story, please visit: Posted by: Rick Brown

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