When Brian Dickman founded Deep Space, a nearly 8,000 square foot coworking center in Parker, Colorado, it came from a personal place. Much like the establishment of coworking spaces across the country, Dickman wanted a space where he could create his own work – in the technology sector – and be surrounded by people, objects, and events of inspiration. He also saw a void of coworking space offerings in the Parker area. Like many others, he and his family enjoy living in the quieter, smaller community, just 30 minutes outside of Denver, while having the access to the Mile High City and it’s nearby Rocky Mountains. Day-to-day though, he saw that many self-employed residents of the area were limited in their options for work environments. 

So on May 1, 2013, the space officially opened inside a ground floor space within a beautiful, old Victorian building providing private parking, outdoor seating, and a large space available for special event rentals as well. The space features a wide array of tech-friendly decor, the kind with entertainment value as well, such as Atari and Pacman games as well as a binary clock and more. The large space is broken up into areas, offering members the opportunity to work in quiet, in groups, to host meetings, or to network. A bar offers snacks and beverages throughout the day and doubles as a catering hub for those special events in the evenings. 

Beyond the clear tech-friendly ambiance, the arts also play a dominant role in the environment. Home to a resident artist and curator, painter Tadashi Hayakawa, a gallery space features bi-monthly rotating displays of work and also plays host to weekly open-paint sessions under the supervision of the artist. 

Clearly aiming to attract the creative mind, Deep Space is already thriving in its growth, adding more dedicated desk spaces each month. 

Dickman says after a career of more than 20-years in the technology sector, he is excited to now be dedicating more of his time to tech education thanks to the opening of Deep Space. His work these days focuses more on the orchestration of robotics, 3D Printing, and Minecraft camps and after-school clubs in addition to his role managing the space. He has also been able to recently hire a full time space manager, an opportunity that always means relief and typically explosive growth in the coworking sector. 

We’re looking forward to sharing with you the many events Deep Space offers on our Events Page, and will be adding this great space to the upcoming launch of our Cowork Pass. Thanks to Brian, we’re excited that Parker’s 50,000+ residents now have this great, expansive space at their fingertips for elevating their own work in the years to come.

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