Have you heard about this Denver Days thing Mayor Hancock has launched? Well, this is the second year, and they last August 3 – 11th, and basically highlight all the wonderful, community activities available to those of us living in the Mile High City. Check out their mission here: “Believing that strong communities create a stronger city, Mayor Michael B. Hancock is proud to launch Denver Days, a new citywide effort to help neighbors get to know each other and get involved with their communities by throwing block parties, organizing service projects and hosting neighborhood activities. “ Isn’t it so true, though?! In order to not just become one of many transplant statistics Denver has seen over recent years, Gen Y-ers and Millenials in particular, need to make sure to get out there and get connected to the community, the neighborhoods, and their important civic causes. Make sure to check out the Denver Days page, from the City, if you’re interested in getting involved. If you’re just looking to join in and make some time to better connect to your Colorado home, the Facebook page does a great job of showing you all the events available to you!

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