It can be hard to connect and grow as a professional when living the life of a freelancer. Thankfully, there are numerous networking events and conferences throughout the year in the United States alone that bring self-starters together to create, educate, and innovate, together. We’ve compiled a list of some of the events we’re most excited about in 2017–whether you’re just starting out as a digital nomad or already a seasoned entrepreneur, we’ve got something for everybody! Be sure to check them out and secure your spot for one of these memorable, worthwhile experiences today! May Create & Cultivate (New York, NY, May 6th) Perfect for: Women looking to grow their brand and hone their individual, unique skillsets. June 99u Conference (New York, NY June 7th – 9th) Perfect for:  Ambitious creatives looking to be inspired from and network with leaders in their field. July World Domination Summit (Portland, OR, July 11th – 17th) Perfect for: Aspiring game-changers and difference-makers. Mozcon (Seattle, WA, July 17th – 19th) Perfect for: Those looking to grow and define their content marketing and social presence for their business. August Creative at Heart (Raleigh, NC, August 6th – 9th) Perfect for:  Self-starting women looking to connect and learn from other creative women in their field. Yellow Conference (Los Angeles, CA, August 24th – 25th) Perfect for: Entrepreneurial women who have a desire to make a difference in their field. September DNX Digital Nomad Conference (Lisbon, PT September 9th – 10th) Perfect for: Adventurous and independent self-starters searching to network and feel inspired. October AIGA Design Conference (Minneapolis, MN, October 12th – 14th) Perfect for: Designers looking to hone and expand their brand. Adobe MAX (Las Vegas, NV, October 16th – 20th) Perfect for: Artists and designers hoping to connect and be inspired by other professionals in their field. PopTech (Camden, ME, October 19th – 21st) Perfect for: Freelancers and professionals from all walks of life looking to network and learn from professionals in different lines of work. November Pubcon (Las Vegas, NV, November 6th – 9th) Perfect for: Those in need of developing and mastering their social media and SEO skills December The Massachusetts Conference for Women (Boston, MA, December 7th) Perfect for:  The woman who really does want to have it all.  

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