What can the dolphins teach us about our society right now?  Why are we attracted to these magical creatures?  And how can we learn from their energy in order to heal? These are the questions that came to me as we settled into the lush and beautiful town of Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Part of what brought me here to Hawaii were visions of dolphins. Years ago, I dreamed that I fell out of a boat and the dolphins saved me and rode me back to shore.  During the spring quarantine, I was having visions of Hawaii and the dolphins in my meditations. As much as I wanted to deny my ability to travel to Hawaii during Covid-19, I knew it was where I needed to be. There were so many ways that life unfolded for me so that I was finally able to travel here to the islands.  

During these past few weeks of going deeper into myself, I have really allowed myself to disconnect from the mainland and the busyness of my mind.   It’s been challenging to go through the process of reprogramming and allowing myself to be more free. I have struggled with needing to be productive over really enjoying being in Hawaii and working on my healing.  I set high expectations for myself during this time in needing to move my business forward and “figuring out life.”  Every time I would get into a groove of working on my computer and feeling focused, my attention would be pulled away to other things.  One of the biggest calls for my attention was swimming with dolphins.

What continuously supports me in feeling relief on the brain foggy daze is swimming in the ocean. To me, swimming in the ocean in South Kona already feels so magical and healing. It is believed that the dolphins and whales off the Kona coast of Hawaii are part of something much bigger, perhaps life on other planets. I was told that being drawn here to Hawaii could indicate that I was somehow connected to the islands through the dolphins and the ancient city of Lumeria (similar to the lost city of Atlantis). 

Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

Ashley, Lindsay, and I spent many days arriving at all the spots where locals and tourists typically swim with dolphins in the wild.  Every time we would arrive at Ho’okena Beach, Two Step or Kealakekua Bay we were missing the dolphins. We finally decided that we would see the dolphins when they wanted to see us and that we would need to surrender more to the flow of life.  And so we did…. We spent the last few weeks settling into the island, exploring, and working on other projects.

View from the Coffee Shack in Captain Cook, HI.

I found myself waking up many mornings sensing whether or not today was the day to see dolphins. Finally, on Thanksgiving morning I woke up with a sense that we would see them. A couple of hours later we received a text from a friend  that there were dolphins in the Kealakekua Bay.  We arrived at the bay and spoke with a few locals, all who had told us the dolphins were there earlier that morning and we probably would no longer be able to see them.

We decided to make our attempt despite what we were told. Once we swam to the middle of the bay, we started to see dolphins jump about 50 feet from us.  I was reminded by the advice given to me by a local about how to swim with dolphins.

Typically dolphins spend the nighttime hunting deeper in the ocean and they come to the coves and bays during the day to sleep.  If you see dolphins during the daytime they are typically sleeping at the bottom of the bay.  It is actually illegal to chase them or try to swim towards them as you can disturb their sleeping patterns.  If you see dolphins swimming nearby, the key is to simply wait and not chase them and allow for them to come to you.  Dolphins are playful and typically enjoy swimming around you. They are also telepathic and therefore are more likely to be attracted to positive thoughts.

We put our heads underwater and a few minutes later dolphins started swimming up behind us and all around us.  Seeing their smiling faces swim by and feeling into their positive energy filled my heart with a lightness and sense of ease.  All the worries I had been carrying suddenly seemed less important.

Swimming with the dolphins was one of the most incredible moments of my life. It was so powerful to feel their energy and hear the sounds they make underwater.  I felt like all of my dreams and visions of dolphins had come true.  As I watched the dolphins swim by me in the ocean, I simply kept swimming without chasing and just observed. I now realize that the lesson they taught me was the art of sitting back, releasing control, and waiting.

This Thanksgiving was particularly special to me as it would have been my grandmother’s 94th birthday. She continues to have a strong presence in my life, and I feel she is always guiding me.  I felt her around me that day and believe she sent the dolphins to be with us in her honor.

Ashley Johnson, Elise Lasko, and Lindsay Gordan

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Stay safe and well,

Elise, Ashley and Lindsay

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