Have you ever taken a peak at the Global Coworking Census? You can find it here if not. The report was done by the great people at DeskWanted and came out with a comprehensive tally of spaces in existence in 2013 by country. The top countries for space count were:
  1. United States {781}
  2. Germany {230}
  3. Spain {199}
  4. United Kingdom {154}
  5. France {121}
The biggest reason why the rise of the coworking space is important is because of what it means to our economy, though. In the US especially, with the diverse mix of service-based professions, co-working spaces offer a tool in the tool kit of options for business growth, productivity, connecting, and simple proximity. In this recent article in the Huffington Post one startup founder cited their choice to base themselves in New York City as due to the access to simple, flexible coworking spaces. Real estate is just one part of the business equation, and when you look at the geographic dispersement of coworking spaces across the globe, it’s clear to see that the business conditions offered by tax structure, governmental support, social climate, and education, all play into the equation when individuals or partnerships decide to form. The space to do so, cheaply and comfortably, is one piece of the pie that the US should be proud to have a good handle on. We hope that offering continues to grow as the demand across the country for economic change becomes ever clearer.

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